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SESA 8% Kumkumadi Kesar Skin Brightening Day Cream with SPF 20 & PA +++ I 50g I Ayurvedic , Lightweight Moisturizer, For Glowing Skin, Skin Brightening & Lightening cream, Protection from sun damage & Reduced Dark spots

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: Skin
: Sesa


SESA KUMKUMADI KESAR SKIN BRIGHTENING DAY CREAM with 8% PURE KUMKUMADI TAILAM (oil) is an Ayurvedic face cream. It is a Light Weight Moisturizer, ideal for day time use. The Kumkumadi oil used is 100% pure, prepared using KSHIR PAK VIDHI - an authentic ayurvedic recipe as given in Ashtanga Hriduya (Ashtang Hridayam) ; in which more than 17 handpicked herbs & essential oil are boiled in Pure Goat’s Milk for over 22 hours. Ayurveda prescribes Kumkumadi Tailam (OIL) as an elixir for skin that has multiple skin benefits such as :GLOWING SKIN , SKIN LIGHTENING & SKIN BRIGHTENING PROTECTION FROM SUN DAMAGE DEEP MOISTURIZATIONHELPS REDUCE DARK SPOTS & PIGMENTATION, FIGHTS BACTERIAL INFECTIONS & PREVENTS ACNE